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First Aid Tags

Make equipment inspections a must with first aid tags

Keep your first aid kits and equipment in working order with routine inspections recorded in first aid tags. Since emergencies happen infrequently, care and maintenance for first aid kits can sometimes take a back seat to more production-oriented machinery and equipment. However, you must keep in mind that equipment such as defibrillators, and tools such as first aid kits have the potential to save your workers’ lives. And lives are more valuable than any material assets.

Seton Canada offers inspection tags for a variety of equipment for both emergency and production. These are made from durable plastic that can withstand outdoor exposure, grease, stains, and corrosion. With a write-on surface, it’s both versatile and convenient to use.

Only Seton provides smart solutions for your facility. Get your first aid tags from Seton today.

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Why you need first aid tags

In case of emergency, the response time is critical. If the emergency equipment fails, lives may be compromised. This is why routine inspections are essential in every facility. And to keep these inspections regular, you need a simple and convenient way to record the dates, status, and inspector’s name among other information. First aid tags or equipment tags are the best way to do this.

Safety tag options

Safety Equipment tags can come in a variety of headers such as Notice, Caution, Information, Out of Service, Do Not Remove This Tag, and Ok To Use. These Write-On Status Tags come in heavy-duty cardstock for indoor use. With a 12” cotton string ties included, attachment should be easy enough to do. Simply write the status of the equipment, inspector, inspection date, and any other relevant information that could affect the workers who will be using the equipment.

Special AED inspection tags are also available. These tags are specifically designed for use in maintenance and inspection of Automatic External Defibrillators. Defibrillators are life-saving equipment that has to be tested from time to time to ensure that it’s in good working order. The double-sided feature means that you don’t have to change the safety tags often.

Seton Canada’s equipment tags can make your work easier and safer. Order yours now.