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First Aid Equipment

Be prepared for any medical emergency in the workplace

First aid is the emergency treatment provided while waiting for medical personnel to arrive. Since accidents happen even in the safest workplaces, it’s necessary to have the proper first aid equipment. It's also important that employees know where this equipment is and how to use it. Finally, proper training helps people administer appropriate emergency treatment, anything from applying an ice pack on a sprained ankle to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Make sure to provide your facility with the best first aid with Seton’s selection of safety products.

First Aid Equipment

When you think of First Aid, you most likely picture First Aid kits with bandages, tape, scissors, etc. But, First Aid is a whole lot larger than that. Eye Wash Stations, Supplies, Signs, Tags, Labels and much more is included in the category of First Aid. Seton carries a variety of eye wash solutions, sinks, and more. Add to that all types of signage for your building or facility and the tags, decals, labels an markers that go along with it, and you'll soon realize that Seton is the number one supplier of safety and first aid products and equipment.

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