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Badge Lanyards & Reels

Clearly display your ID with quality badge lanyards

Encourage your employees to always display their IDs with Seton Canada’s badge lanyards and badge reels. Letting your employees and visitors show the proper identification helps boost your facility’s security and keeps unwanted elements out. Our breakaway badge lanyards are not just for holding IDs, it can also hold keys, flash drives, whistles etc. Seton Canada’s badge lanyards can be used in offices, hospitals, schools, conventions, concerts and other recreational activities. Our badge reels are made from durable materials to ensure long life and help you reduce your costs for replacing broken safety lanyards.

So if you want to have an effective ID management system in your facility, Seton Canada can help you with all your ID badge holders and safety lanyard needs.

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6 Products

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What are badge lanyards and why use them?

Badge lanyards and badge reels are simple tools designed to help you display your ID properly at all times. They help maintain a good ID management system by making sure everyone inside your facility such as employees, visitors and clients can be properly identified. They also help keep out unwanted people from getting inside your property.

Wide range of safety lanyards to choose from

Seton Canada carries an assortment of badge lanyards and reels to meet the demands of each individual. Some of the ID badge holders we carry include: retractable badge holders, beaded neck chains, safety slogan breakaway badge lanyards, stock printed breakaway badge reels and much more. They also come in different colours and are available in plain or printed versions. Our safety slogan lanyards come with safety messages like “Think Safety” and “Work Safe” printed on them while stock printed lanyards come with different stock wordings such as “Visitor”, “Volunteer”, “Staff”, “Contractor” just to name a few.

Durable and long lasting safety badge lanyards

Our badge reels are made from tightly woven nylon for added durability and longer life. This means bigger savings because you don’t have to spend extra for replacing torn badge reels. These safety lanyards also come with a metal swivel clip for hassle-free attachment of ID badge holders, keys and any small item you wish to take with you. For the best badge lanyards, you can trust only Seton Canada.