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Badges and ID Management

Ensure tight security by properly identifying personnel and visitors.

Proper identification of both personnel and visitors within your facility is necessary when you want to promote facility safety and security. Maintaining a facility requires an efficient system of accepting visitors and monitoring their access. To achieve this, you need tools that will make it easy to identify and differentiate employees from visitors. Visible ID badges and visitor name tags are just some of the essentials.

Seton offers a number of products to make ID management easy. Choose from our full range of identification products including Badges & Name Tags, Wristband IDs, and Temporary Badges. We also offer Tag Holders, Lanyards, and Badge Making Systems to ensure that these badges remain securely attached and visible at all times.

Badges and ID Management

Safety in the workplace is not limited to proper equipment and material handling. It also means limiting other people’s access to certain areas of the facility. Ensuring the security of your work area not only benefits your employees, but potential business partners as well. A well-enforced security program will make your workers feel at ease, and entice possible investors and partners to trust your business. 

Issuing identification badges and visitor tags is one part of ID Management to control access to your facility. In the Industrial Security Manual of Public Works and Government Services Canada, it is recommended to have ID tags and access cards that are colour-coded or clearly-marked to differentiate clearance level and/or access authorization. 

You can do just that with Seton Canada’s Visitor Badges, available in different colours. If your facility accepts a certain number of visitors a day, an economical choice would be our Stock Visitor Badges On-A-Roll. We also have a variety of badge holders to protect them if they are to be used on a regular basis. 
You can also post Authorized Personnel Only Signs to indicate restricted access to certain areas of your facility. This will strengthen security and increase awareness among workers and visitors alike. 

Trust Seton to provide you with Badges & ID Management products that will suit your facility’s needs.

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