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Brass Valve Tags

Ideal for rust and corrosion-proof valve tagging

Valve Tags are mainly used for identification and safety. Therefore, clear and visible information is paramount. It is important that they withstand exposure to harsh environments and retain important data. Seton offers Brass Valve Tags that will not rust or corrode, making them ideal for damp conditions and outdoor use. These valve tags are also made to last in a wide range of temperatures. 

Brass valve tags come in a variety of shapes and can be Custom Stamped, Custom Engraved and even Colour Filled. Fire Sprinkler Valve Tags are also available. Sequentially numbered brass tags are sold in singles or pairs.

Trust Seton to provide you with your Brass Valve Tag needs.

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6 Products

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Brass Tags for Identification

Safety in the workplace is always the number one priority to avoid accidents, injuries, and damages to property. Aside from adequate signage and safety reminders, identification tools are keys in ensuring safety is always practiced in your facility. Brass Valve Tags are ideal in valve identification.

Corrosion-Resistant Brass Material

Brass as a material is normally used for environments where it is important that no sparks are struck, like in tools and fittings around explosive gases. If your facility contains explosive gases and other harsh chemicals, use brass valve tags for identification. Stock Brass Valve Tags are perfect for valves exposed to moisture and salty air. Each valve tag comes with a pre-punched hole for convenient valve attachment. For different valve contents in one location, you can use valve tags with different shapes and have them Custom-Stamped.

Temperature-Resistant Brass Tags
The brass valve tags can withstand temperatures up to 1200°F while the ink fill can withstand up to 233°F. Blank Brass Valve Tags are also available for valve and pipe marking. These round and square tags made of 19 gauge brass are ideal for pipes and valves with diameters less than 3/4". Customize them with Valve Tag Stamps. Make sure you use valve identification that is safe for your facility. Choose Seton's Brass Valve Tags.