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Fire/Sprinkler Pipe Markers

Identify critical fire sprinkler pipes in your facility

Identify the fire sprinkler pipes in your facility with highly-visible pipe markers. These pipe markers are critical especially during fire emergencies. It clearly shows the directional flow of the water and where it leads. During pipe repairs, it’s important for repairmen or plumbers to know which pipe contains what.

Seton Canada offers Setmark pipe markers that are easy to install as it just snaps into place without needing tapes or any messy adhesives. The pipe markers are recommended for outdoor pipes and are guaranteed to last from 5 to 8 years. Choose from a variety of wordings that best suit your facility.

At Seton, your workers’ safety is our first priority. Order your fire sprinkler pipe markers today.

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Set Descending Direction

10 Products

Set Descending Direction

Fire Sprinkler Pipe Markers in your Facility

Why is it important to mark fire sprinkler pipes in your building? If you’ve seen your building’s underbelly, you will know that with commercial and industrial spaces, there are a lot of components to keep it functioning smoothly. Included in these are pipes that bring liquid chemicals, gasses and other substances depending on your industry. Fire sprinklers are just a few of these pipes that criss-cross your facility.

It’s important to identify these pipes as they play a critical role in fire emergencies. During repairs, workers would have to know which pipes are which. Adding a sprinkler pipe marker would take the guess work out of plumbing installation and repairs.

Setmark® Pipe Markers Available

Some of the key features of a fire protection marker includes: a pre-coiled plastic that easily snaps to place with no adhesives or tape required, temperature resistance of -40°C to 82°C, UV-resistant print that can last 5 to 8 years outdoors, and directional arrow that points to where the liquids or gasses are headed. These special pipe markers are ideal for greasy and rough surfaces. Best of all, Setmark® pipe markers meet ASME (ANSI) A13.1 standards so quality is guaranteed.

For the best pipe markers in the market, order from Seton Canada.