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Setmark® Ammonia Pipe Markers - Low Temperature Suction

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Setmark® Ammonia Pipe Markers - Low Temperature Suction

Snap- or tie-around pipe markers meet IIAR standards

  • Wrap- or tie-around Setmark® pipe markers compliant with IIAR ammonia refrigeration piping and system components identification standards (Bulletin 114)
  • Made of vinyl material
  • Can be either "snapped around" the pipe or "strapped around" with nylon ties
  • Each states the IIAR abbreviation to indicate the piping system, physical state marking (Vapor or Liquid), pressure level (High or Low), and a direction of flow arrow
  • 7 sizes to choose from:
    8SM = 8"W; 3/4" (min) to 1-3/8" (max) outside pipe diameter
    8LG = 8"W; 1-1/2" (min) to 2-3/8" (max) outside pipe diameter
    12SM = 12"W; 2-1/2" (min) to 3-7/8" (max) outside pipe diameter
    12MD = 12"W; 4" (min) to 5-7/8" (max) outside pipe diameter
    12LG = 12"W; 6" (min) to 7-7/8" (max) outside pipe diameter
    24 = 24"W; 8" (min) to 10" (max) outside pipe diameter
    32 = 32"W; 10"+ outside pipe diameter
  • Pipe marker contains "LTS VAP AMMONIA LOW" wording with directional arrow

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