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ToughWash® Labels

ToughWash Labels are specifically made with materials that are washdown resistant and metal detectable, both of which are much-needed in work environments that regularly involve high water pressure. Manufactured for exceptional durability, these waterproof labels are designed to withstand rigorous work processes such as cleaning and sanitizing, and similar other methods which are necessary in food and beverage industry. Tested in both laboratories as well as real world environments, these labels have been ensured to handle the pressures of hundreds of cycles and resist varying temperatures. Seton also offers ToughWash Labels in different colors and designs for customers to choose from.

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ToughWash Labels are made to address a pressing need in certain manufacturing facilities, and food industries in particular. The standard cleaning and sanitizing regulations that are set to guarantee food safety and quality necessitate the use of specialized labeling products. For such work environments, labels utilized in other industries are simply not an option. As such, far too many managers tend to either rely on labels that carry a risk of contamination; or else, reduce the use of labeling, if not doing away with them entirely. Of course, both of these options put employees in danger of safety hazards, as well as increase the potential for fines and penalties.

Provide labeling that meet food industry standards and choose ToughWash Labels from Seton!

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