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Fire & Exit

Inform everyone of fire extinguisher inspection details and fire exit locations

Fire & Exit Safety Labels are important to keep everyone informed of different fire safety information. Safety labels help them prepare for what to do in cases of fire. Fire safety labels also prove vital to prevent people from panicking once faced with such emergency.

Seton Canada offers a wide range of fire emergency labels that display inspection details, fire extinguisher numbers, and warn against improper fire extinguisher use. Meanwhile, exit labels warn everyone to keep fire exit doors clear of obstacles.

Promote safety with Seton Canada’s Fire Safety Labels and Exit Labels. Displaying important information can mean the difference in reducing injuries and saving lives.

24 Products

Set Descending Direction

24 Products

Set Descending Direction

With Seton Canada’s fire safety labels and exit labels, you can provide the proper designation to fire exits and extinguishers in your facility. We offer a selection of fire and exit labels especially made to identify the nearest exit doors in the area. Our safety labels also display vital information of fire extinguishers.

Labels such as Setonsign Packs have a vinyl laminate and plastic overcoat. These design features make them more durable and allow them to withstand industrial facility conditions. Choose from different wordings that all communicate safety.

Fire Emergency Labels contain critical steps to make in case of fire. The red lettering on white background ensures visibility while conveying important information. Ideal for indoor use, these safety labels are offered in self-adhesive vinyl and rigid plastic materials. We also offer Cold Adhesion Safety Labels perfect for cold areas such as freezers and unheated warehouses. Remember to mark all areas in your facility to let employees know where the proper emergency exits are.

Don’t let panic reign during emergency situations. Mark areas with fire safety labels and exit labels from Seton Canada.