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Confined Space Labels

Clearly point out the danger of confined spaces with confined space labels

Discover how you can ensure the safety of your employees who work in confined spaces with Seton Canada’s confined space labels. Every year workers are injured or sometimes killed while working in confined spaces because of the lack of proper training and equipment. People working in confined spaces should observe proper confined space safety procedures. Our safety labels are there to remind them about the things they need to do before entering such spaces. By placing danger confined space labels outside these areas will help your employees recognize the dangers present and allow them to take the necessary precautions. Promote the importance of proper confined space safety procedures with the help of Seton Canada’s safety labels.

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6 Products

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Promote confined space safety with safety labels

Confined space labels are designed to warn anyone who works in confined spaces about the potential hazards inside the confined area and ways to prevent any accidents from happening. Some of the hazards that workers need to be aware when entering confined spaces include: lack of oxygen, the presence of poisonous gases, fumes and vapours, solids and liquids that can suddenly and quickly fill up the confined space, fire and explosions, high concentrations of dust and other particles which can obstruct breathing. Our safety labels are designed to warn people about the present danger within the area and ways on how to protect themselves against those dangers.

OSHA compliant safety labels

Seton Canada carries a wide variety of confined space labels including labels that comply with OSHA safety standards. These labels come with bright and easy-to-see warning headers such as DANGER and CAUTION. The special pressure-sensitive vinyl used in manufacturing the labels ensures effective adherence on almost any surface including glass, plastic, wood, concrete and uneven surfaces.

Choose from a wide selection of confined space labels

We carry a large selection of safety labels to meet the needs of your facility. We have caution confined space warning labels, danger confined space entry by permit only, danger confined space authorized personnel only confined space labels and even confined safety labels for hard hats.


For all your confined space safety needs, Seton Canada is the name you can trust.