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Blank Labels

Multipurpose blank labels are perfect for all your labeling needs

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to all your labelling needs, Seton Canada’s blank labels are the answer. Our multi-purpose labels come without any printed messages allowing you to write any kind of message you want. These versatile write-on labels are perfect for any office environments, schools, warehouses, hospitals, restaurants and more. Brightly coloured labels are perfect for colour-coding different areas of your facility and can also be used as inventory labels. Other uses of our blank labels include: promoting safety in the workplace, displaying small motivational messages, for equipment maintenance, keeping tabs on company equipment and organising personal belongings. You can find the best write-on labels here at Seton Canada.

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Set Descending Direction

4 Products

Set Descending Direction

Versatile write-on labels

Seton Canada’s blank labels offer flexibility that no other labels can, which makesthem perfect for all sorts of applications including: shipping and cargo needs, organization of inventory, monitoring of company assets, colour-coding and much more. These blank labels can also be used for home applications such as labelling jars, putting reminders on the fridge, leaving notes for other members of the family, and since these write-on labels are blank, you can write just about anything you want on them.

Multi-purpose labels available in various types

We carry an assortment of blank labels to fit the specific needs of our customers. Some of the labels we have include: self-debossing labels designed to withstand high temperatures up to 266°F; and self-laminating labels which features an over-laminate that protects the label from dirt, tampering, abrasions and spills. Aside from these, we also offer inventory labels, blank write-on labels, blank paper inventory labels and more. These multi-purpose labels are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colour to answer all your labelling needs.

Trust only Seton Canada

Our goal is to provide you and the rest of our customers with the best products at affordable costs. If you demand high quality blank labels, then look no further because we are the answer to all your labelling needs.