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Spill Kits

Be ready to respond to emergency spills before it happens. Choose from our wide variety of Spill kits in different types and styles that best suit your facility.
  • Don't know what type of Spill Kit you need? See guidance below:
  • Spill Kit Type: Types differ based on the adsorbent materials found in the kit which will be specific to the type of liquid you could potentially spill. Universal absorbs non-hazardous types of liquids like water, coolants, antifreeze and solvents. Oil Only can handle grease and oil-based liquids like hydrocarbons, fuel and other greases and repels water making it ideal for absorbing oil spills on bodies of water. Hazmat absorbs acid,caustic and other aggressive liquid chemicals.It can absorb water-based or oil-based liquids. Eco-Friendly is designed with state-of-the-art Environment-friendly sorbents and soaks up non-aggressive liquids and hydrocarbons, water or petroleum-based liquids
  • Spill Kit Size: Determine the volume of liquid that needs to be contained and absorbed.4-10 Gallon kits can handle lightweight spills and come in bags and bucket style kits for easy portability. Bag styles are small and particularly good to keep in a vehicle. 15-40 Gallon kits are ideal for everyday spills and can serve as a staging area for clean-up materials. They are offered in drum and bucket style kits. 40-65 Gallon kits should be placed strategically in your facility to allow quick containment of mid to heavyweight spills. They are available in drum or wheeled style. 90 Gallon kit is ideal for high-volume spills and come in drum or wheeled style
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Spill Kits


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Spill Kits

  • Spill Kit Style: Identify the storage style that best fits your facility. Bag style is a compact and reliable option for small spills. It takes up less space and can fit under or behind a vehicle seat. Bucket style are compact and lightweight and can be placed in multiple areas around your workplace to contain small spills quickly. Cabinet style keep absorbents organized for high visibility, easy access and quick deployment.Drum style are durable and weather resistant containers that will not rust or corrode and are ideal to place in locations where large volume spills are expected. Wheeled style enable you to respond quicker to medium to large size spills by maneuvering the kit wherever it’s needed
  • Inclusions: Each Spill kit type and style include varying number of spill control products. Check the product specifications table for the complete listing. Need refills for your Spill Kit? Click here to view more
Class Eco-Friendly Universal, HazMat, Oil Only, Universal.
Absorbency Capacity 12 gal (US), 15 gal (US), 30 gal (US), 34 gal (US), 35 gal (US), 4-4/5 gal (US), 4.5 gal (US), 4.8 gal (US), 40 gal (US), 7-1/5 gal (US), 75 gal (US).
Container Type Bag, Bucket, Drum.



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