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Custom Traffic & Parking Signs

Facilitate smooth flow of traffic with custom traffic and parking signs

Enforce your traffic rules and regulations with custom traffic signs. While standard traffic and parking signs are generally acceptable means of facilitating traffic, customized signs can do even more than that. Custom signs like parking, pedestrian, and security signs present opportunities to further your company’s branding. Personalized them using Seton Canada’s easy-to-use online app. You can add your company name, logo, tagline, and other company info along with your traffic policies. You can even comply with your local traffic ordinances by using our semi-custom parking signs that feature standard graphics such as the No Parking symbol, the Handicap symbol, the Tow-Away Zone Symbol, and more.

Seton Canada’s custom traffic signs can do more for your business, so create yours now and have it delivered today.

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17 Products

Set Descending Direction

Regular Traffic Signs vs. Custom Traffic Signs

Canadian traffic laws and regulations vary from province to province. Regular traffic and parking signs may be acceptable in one province but might need slight adjustments to be acceptable in another. To ensure your traffic signs meet the regulations set by your locality, the best thing to do is to create custom traffic signs or custom parking signs specific to your needs.

Another advantage of creating custom signs is the personalization or branding you can add to each signage. Upload your company logo and include your company name to your custom parking sign, security sign, or handicap sign. Branded traffic signs easily identify your company and guides clients or visitors to the correct parking spaces alloted for them.

Custom Traffic and Parking Sign Options

Seton Canada offers a wide variety of materials to choose from. Options for material include aluminum, polyethylene or plastic, and steel. Consider getting the reflective variety for increased visibility during night time. If you want your custom signs to last longer than regular signs, you may opt for the DuroShield overlaminate. Elegant dome signs are also available for high-end facilities or commercial establishments. These signs are available in 2 sizes: 16”W x 22”H and 16”W x 16”H, with colour schemes burgundy or green on tan.

Make Seton Canada your partner in custom traffic signs and other custom safety solutions.