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Custom Fire & Exit Signs

Use custom fire and exit signs to guide people to safety during emergencies

Knowing where exits routes are during fires and emergencies can mean the difference between life and death, which is why you should mark your facility’s exit routes with Seton Canada’s custom fire and exit signs.

Our custom worded emergency signs are designed to help guide people to the nearest exit and emergency equipment in your facility. When these custom exit signs are placed in the correct location, they can help prevent confusion during emergencies by indicating the exact location of exit routes throughout your facility. All our fire and exit signs feature clear and bold texts that’s easily seen from a distance or straightforward graphics that indicate the direction of the nearest exits.

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Set Descending Direction

4 Products

Set Descending Direction

Create unique custom emergency signs for your facility

Seton Canada can help you create customized fire and exit signs with the help of our online tool. Our custom exit signs give you the freedom to create your own unique signs when generic fire and exit signs won’t do. Once you’re done choosing the size, colour and material for your custom exit sign, you can type in the custom wording you want on our online app and we’ll do the rest.

Some of our most popular custom fire and exit signs include: custom bulk exit signs, custom eco-friendly signs, custom-worded fire and emergency signs, fire extinguisher procedure signs and more. These custom exit signs come with various mounting options such as mounting holes and self-adhesive backing depending on your specific needs. To make these custom fire and exit signs more effective, you can use them in conjunction with other safety devices like emergency lights to make the signs more visible.

Get the best custom exit signs from Seton Canada

At Seton Canada we take the safety of your employees seriously which is why we give you nothing but the best custom fire and exit signs available in the market today. Browse our large selection of custom emergency signs, and pick out the right signs for your facility.