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Custom Security Signs

Specify your security policies with custom security signs

Protect your company property from trespassers and intruders by posting custom security signs prominently. Specify your security policies by using our online app where you can type in your own wording to get your message across.

Seton Canada offers giant message signs with standard headers such as No Admittance and Private Property. The sign is larger than the average security signs and it can be seen even from long distances. These large format security signs are perfect for large work sites such as mining and construction sites. Regular size custom signs are also available with standard headers such as Notice, Security Notice, and Restricted Area.

Create your own custom security signs from Seton Canada’s online app today.

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9 Products

Set Descending Direction

Why customize your security signs?

While many standard security signs are adequate enough in warning and informing the public of your security policies, custom security signs offer unparalleled flexibility in tailoring your message. Since companies and organizations implement different security measures, basic security tools like signages should reflect what their unique security program calls for. A security notice sign for one company may not work for another.

What are the different types of custom security signs?

Seton Canada offers traffic and parking security signs that are especially designed to be posted in your parking lots and driveways. Security is essential in these areas of entry. Weed out unauthorized vehicles right away to avoid further security risks. Post signs that instruct visitors to register at the guard post or security office. Warn people of video surveillance to discourage unwanted behaviour. Stop signs may also be customized to include special parking policies to be observed.

We also carry giant message signs which are suitable for large worksites. These worksites usually have hazardous areas so it’s better to discourage trespassers from entering. You can choose from a variety of materials like aluminum, polyethylene, and steel. Opt for an additional DuroShield overlaminate to guarantee durability especially if the signs are going to be exposed in harsh environments.

Make Seton Canada your partner in workplace security. Order your custom security signs today.