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Custom Safety and Security Signs

Get your unique message across with custom safety signs

When generic safety signs can’t convey the messages you want, it’s time for you to use Seton Canada’s custom safety signs. As part of our line of custom safety products, a custom sign gives you the versatility that regular signs can’t. Seton Canada has an online tool which can guide you through the steps of creating a custom safety sign.

We provide you with different options such as size, colour, material, shape, wording, graphic, logo and more. When choosing from our selection of custom safety products, the only limit is your imagination. We give you the freedom to create any sign depending on the needs of your facility. Seton Canada is the last word in custom safety signs.

Custom safety products can give you something more specific

The advantage of using custom safety products is that you get to inform workers and visitors about your company’s safety policies using your unique message. When standard and generic signs can’t give you what you need, or if you want to point out an unusual hazard that’s only found in your facility, then custom safety signs are the perfect solution.

Versatility of custom safety signs

With our custom safety products, you can create just about any type of sign you want such as: custom workplace signs, custom fire and exit signs, custom security signs and more. These custom safety products are so versatile that you can use them in any work environment or any place where signs are needed including: schools, hospitals, restaurants, walkways, parking lots, shopping malls or maybe in your own home.

Create custom safety signs just for you
You can create your own custom safety sign with the help of Seton Canada’s online app. This app will help you choose from various materials such as polypropylene, plastic, aluminum, steel and vinyl. Select from several colour options and a wide selection of shapes and sizes. Our custom safety signs are available blank or choose from signs that come with OSHA or ANSI headers.

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