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Custom Compliance Labels

Meet compliance requirements and avoid violations

Keep your workers safe and comply with Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) standards. Seton’s Custom Compliance Labels help you identify employees and visitors, warn them of potential hazards and promote safety while at the same time help you comply with safety regulations.

Our custom safety labels are available in a wide variety of colours, sizes and materials. Choose among headers with their corresponding colours, and customize with your own safety message and other important information.

Choose Seton for your custom safety label needs.

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5 Products

Set Descending Direction

Seton's custom compliance labels not only ensure that your facility remains in compliance - they also help make hazard communication in a facility more efficient. Include your safety messages along with service information for your equipment.

Our Custom Safety Labels include many standard designs and headers, such as "Danger", "Warning" and "Caution". Choose from our catalogue for the right graphics that will accompany your message. These labels measure 3-1/2”W x 5”H, are made from durable vinyl and can withstand harsh temperatures.

With our customizable Safety Labels, you have more choices of headers and sizes. You can even choose to have labels with no headers or create your own.

Comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) and mark your lead-free products with our Custom ID Labels. These satin polyester labels with high chemical and solvent resistance are accepted by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Like Seton's other custom products, these labels can be customized in different ways. However, some of the product options are deliberately limited to ensure that customized labels remain compliant.

Make Seton your trusted partner for your custom label needs.