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Custom Floor Markers

Create custom safety messages with custom stencils

Keep your warehouse safe and accident-free with Seton Canada’s line of custom stencils and floor markers. Our custom markers come in highly visible colours that will easily grab the attention of your workers. Since these products are customizable, you have the option of creating your own unique safety message.

Our custom stencils and markers can provide information about traffic flow, potential hazards in the warehouse, restricted areas, smoking and no smoking areas, housekeeping, the need for protective equipment and more. We also have custom safety cones that help control the flow of vehicular and foot traffic while displaying your custom messages.

Protect your employees from the daily hazards they face in the warehouse with Seton Canada’s custom markers and stencils.

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8 Products

Set Descending Direction

Use custom stencils to create unique safety messages

Use our custom stencils and markers when standard safety messages are not enough to get your safety message across. Our custom markers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours so you can be sure there’s a custom marker just for you. Our custom stencils are available in different materials including: oil board, magnetic, polyester, and plastic while our floor markers are made from durable vinyl with an anti-slip laminate designed to prevent accidental slips and trips in your facility. Our custom cones are made from highly durable plastic materials and come in 2 standard sizes.

Customizable products give you the freedom to design the item the way you want it to be. For example, for our custom markers, you can choose the size and colour you want for the marker and once you’re done with that, you can type in your custom message along with any graphic or company logo you want.

Choose the custom marker you need

Seton Canada offers a wide selection of custom stencils and markers including: anti-slip custom markers, custom floor stencils, custom shop floor control cones, custom screen-printed cones, custom heavy-duty floor stands, custom floor markers, custom floor stand signs and more to help you create the custom message you need.