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Latest ANSI/ASSE A10 standards intend to reduce injuries, illnesses, and fatalities in construction sites
The new ANSI/ASSE A10-26-2011 standards address Emergency Procedures for Construction and Demolition Sites
The New ANSI/ASSE A10-26-2011 standards aid construction company owners and project contractors in incorporating health and safety in their planning processes.

ANSI/ASSE standards were designed to help construction and demolition site managers elevate overall construction safety. These standards will help them in preparing for emergency events such as fires, hazardous spills, and collapses.

ANSI/ASSE standards also address other emergencies that could harm workers. These include the emergency rescue of workers or visitors unable to rescue themselves; the evacuation and transportation of workers and site visitors to medical facilities; and a new on-site provision for first aid and emergency medical care.

The standards also provide requirements for public safety near construction sites, as well as coordination and training for an emergency plan.

Make sure you have everything your facility needs to be compliant with the new ANSI/ASSE standards.

The new ANSI/ASSE standards were created to integrate safety planning and training into the early planning stages of construction sites, which can be extremely hazardous places. The standards aim to improve preparation for emergency situations like chemical spills and collapsed equipment.
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