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Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-slip tapes and strips help protect your workers against slipping and tripping hazards by increasing traction on walkways, ramps, steps, stairways and slippery areas. Use Seton’s durable anti-slip tapes and enhance safety in your facility now.
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  • What does the material offer:This Anti-Slip Tape is constructed of a durable 46-grit mineral abrasive compound for excellent longevity in both indoor & outdoor applications.
  • Anti-slip tape benefits and applications: OSHA estimates that on the average, slips, trips, and falls account for 202,066 serious lost-workday injuries and 345 fatalities annually. This represents two-thirds of all lost-workday injuries and 15% of all workplace fatalities. Virtually any walking-working surface that has a slip or trip hazard would then benefit from anti-slip tapes and strips. As for application, these tapes which are also known as traction tapes or non-skid tapes can be used in several areas in the workplace. Some of the most common locations include building entrances, ramps, stairways, ladder steps, loading docks, food service areas, manufacturing floors, shop floors, and warehouse floors.
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Anti-Slip Tape


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Anti-Slip Tape

  • What are your color options? Choose from the standard anti-slip tape colors which are black, yellow, black/yellow stripes and clear. Black is the most commonly used color while yellow and black/yellow stripes are chosen for areas that need greater visibility. Clear anti-slip tapes on the other hand usually are used for aesthetic purposes on certain areas in offices for example, while still providing increased foot grip and traction.
  • What are the available sizes? Seton’s anti-slip tapes come in either rolls or pre-cut strips. 60ft long rolls have 1", 2", 3", 4", 6", and 12" widths while pre-cut strips are available in two sizes - 3/4"W x 2’L and 6"W x 2’L.
  • Do the anti-slip tapes come with messages? Seton’s 2ft long pre-cut strips have text legend options such as “CAUTION WATCH YOUR STEP" and “CAUTION SLIPPERY WHEN WET". These black/yellow anti-slip strips help people be more alert of potential hazards.
Colour Black/Yellow, Clear.
Width 24 in, 4 in, 6 in.
Roll/Tape Length 2 ft, 6 in, 60 ft.



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