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Work Station Matting

Install ergonomic flooring in key workstations

Facility locations are required to be conducive to employee well-being while promoting high productivity. Seton offers a wide variety of Work Station Mats. Items such as Corec Ribbed Runners and Anti-Slip Tiles designed to provide employees a safe and ergonomic floor area to work on.


25 Products

Set Descending Direction

25 Products

Set Descending Direction

Does your facility have specialized matting needs? Then our line of Work Station Mats are  just what you need.

We offer mats ideal for a variety of workplace conditions. Our selection of drainage mats help prevent slip and fall injuries by quickly allowing fluids to drain through the mat, thus minimizing slippery conditions.

When you want to safeguard workers against electric shocks, we offer Diamond Plate Switchboard Mats which can protect workers from shocks of up to 30,000 volts.

For a more sanitary work area, our Sanitizing Foot Mat is what you need. This mat allows you to keep a work area sanitized with the help of a gallon of disinfectant solution that is held within the thousands of rubber scrapers on it.

At Seton, there isn't a work station condition that our work station mats cannot handle.