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Strapping Kits & Accessories

Secure your shipments to prevent damage

Items need to be packaged safely and securely during shipment. In the process of extended transport, there are many hazards which could damage unsecured items within the carriages. Seton provides Strapping Kits and Accessories such as Poly Strapping Kits and Steel Strapping Kits designed to safely secure different items. Prevent delays and damages to your shipments by getting your Strapping Kit from our selection today.

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Secure goods and packages for shipping and handling with strapping kits and accessories.

Our line of durable strapping equipment and accessories includes the best tools for securing any item when packing, making sure your package is protected from damage during the shipping and transporting process. Choose from our various strapping tapes and accessories that include scissors, halogen docklights, floor scales, and many more.

Grab your own strapping supplies now at Seton, your one-stop Shipping Supply shop.