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Dispensers & Film Wrap

Secure important cargo with high quality film wraps

Learn how you can effectively protect your cargo and other goods during shipment with Seton Canada’s plastic wraps and dispensers. Our film wrap works using a special feature called film memory. It means that when plastic wraps are stretched around items like pallets, the film wrap is designed to return to its original state or form. This provides a secure and protective layer for your pallets, holding them together and stabilizing them at the same time. Dispensers work by making the wrapping process faster and provide just the right tension control to keep the plastic wraps from tearing. Using film wraps are the best way to create unified pallets for quicker organization and shipment.


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3 Products

Set Descending Direction

What are the advantages of using film wraps

Using plastic wraps can help keep your loads secure and stable, protect them from dirt and moisture and organizes them for easy identification during shipment. There are two ways these wraps can be applied, by using automatic or manual dispensers. Automatic pallet wrap dispensers are machine operated and designed for wrapping large quantities of pallets in a short amount of time. Manual pallet wrap dispensers are handheld tools ideal for wrapping smaller bundles.

Choose from our selection of dispensers and film wraps

We carry a wide variety of plastic wraps and dispensers to meet the specific needs of your facility. Pallet wraps are available in clear or black. Black pallet wraps are designed to keep the stored items out of public view.

How to apply plastic wraps
Whether you’re using manual or automatic dispensers, the first and most important thing you need to remember when applying a film wrap on your load is to first set the tension. Tension is what holds the bundle in place, if the proper tension is not applied on the film wrap before application, the wrap will not be able to hold the items securely and there’s a risk of the products falling from the pallet. The wraps usually comes with instructions on how much tension should be set before application. Keep your cargo safe and secure with Seton Canada’s quality plastic wraps.