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Drum Transporters

Use drum carriers for quick and safe transport of storage drums

Discover a fast, safe and simple method of transporting storage drums with Seton Canada’s drum carriers. In the absence of a forklift, drum lifters can help you manually lift and lower drums safely. Another advantage in using these drum handlers is that they don’t put that much strain on your body and helps reduce the occurrences of back pains, pinched fingers or any other injuries related to drum transportation. These hand trucks are perfect for most industrial facilities, especially those dealing with petroleum and chemical products. With proper handling, these drum lifters can make loading, unloading and transporting of heavy drums quick and safe for your workers. Check out Seton Canada for the best drum transporters in the market today.


12 Products

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12 Products

Set Descending Direction

How do drum handlers work?

Drum transporters work pretty much like a mini forklift. They’re designed to transport drums from one point to the next as quickly and as safely as possible. Drum lifters are perfect for areas that cannot be accessed by forklifts.

Huge selection of drum carriers

Seton Canada has a wide selection of drum transporters designed to meet the needs of different companies. Some of the products we carry include hydraulic stackers, automatic drum lifters, fork mount poly drum handlers, office lifts, 910 drum hand truck, Hevimover machine roller and accessories and more. These drum carriers come in various models designed to carry a specific number of drums and certain weight limit. They’re made from durable materials to ensure long lasting performance.

Operate you drum lifters safely
Our drum handlers are designed to prevent injuries resulting from the mishandling of drums, but not knowing how to properly use these drum lifters can cause serious injuries as well. Before using our drum carriers, make sure that you take the time to read the operating manuals to avoid any accidents. When used according to the operating manual, drum handlers can increase the work efficiency of your employees. For easy and safe drum transfer, be sure to use Seton Canada’s line of quality drum carriers.