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Carts and Trucks

Easily transport items around the facility

Working in facilities can entail repeatedly carrying various items to different locations. Seton offers Carts and Trucks such as Steel Deck Platform Trucks and Platform Trolleys. These heavy-duty, industrial-grade products are designed for utility and ease of use, resulting in a safer and more efficient workplace.


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Say goodbye to the back-breaking task of lugging boxes from one part of your facility to the other.

Carts and trucks from Seton make it easy for employees to move boxes and containers around a facility. These are especially true for platform trucks, which can carry multiple loads. Now you can move heavy items around your workplace without suffering from back-aches and risking possible injury.

These material handling tools also help with storing valuable equipment. Products such as shelf carts and computer enclosures have storage areas that can safely hold items securely while still being mobile.

Other quality carts for your other needs, such as service carts and mail carts, are also available here at Seton.