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Beams and booms make transporting of materials quicker and safer

Learn more about the advantages of having quality beams and booms in your facility. Working in a warehouse or shipping industry demands speed and precision, which is why Seton Canada offers a variety of lifting materials to help you maintain an efficient working environment. Safety beams and booms were designed to lift heavy objects in the safest and fastest possible manner. These lifting materials come in a wide range of designs depending on the particular need of your facility.

Here at Seton Canada, we are focused on giving you efficient solutions for all your load management needs by providing you with the best lifting materials in the market today.


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7 Products

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The difference between Beams and Booms

Even though beams and booms were designed for lifting heavy objects around your facility, there are some aspects that differentiate them from each other. Beams are used mainly for crane and overhead lifting applications and come in 9 different styles. They are usually used in the steel industry, paper mills and the automotive industry and are ideal for heavy and unbalanced loads. Booms are designed for forklift applications and come in 3 different styles. These lifting materials are more common and can be seem in most warehouses, construction sites, shipping companies and other industrial environments where light load management is needed.

Choose from our selection of lifting materials

We carry a large variety of lifting materials that come in different shapes and sizes to help you with all your load management needs. Some of them include: Lift Master Booms, Chain Hoists and Trolleys, Economy Spreader Beams, Gantry Cranes, Hoist Mount Drum Lifter, Hoisting Hooks, Adjustable Spreader Beams and more. Our products are constructed with durable materials and comply with most workplace safety standards such as OSHA, ANSI and ASME so you can be sure you’re using nothing but the best lifting materials in the market today.