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Restroom Products

Washroom Supplies for convenience and proper personal hygiene

Seton's line of Restroom Products, like Tampons, Urinal Covers and various cleaning supplies in the bathrooms of your facility or warehouse are personal hygiene tools for your employees and visitors. Scott Standard Roll Two-Ply Bathroom Tissue and Feminine Products are just two of the bathroom essentials that should be in supply.


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Everybody needs to answer the call of nature whenever necessary and this is why restrooms can be found almost anywhere.

Keep your restroom clean and provide your employees with basic restroom necessities with these restroom products from Seton.

Restrooms encourage employees to observe proper personal hygiene, so make sure you use only the best restroom accessories in the market today. Seton carries a large selection of bathroom accessories such as liquid hand soaps, sanitizers, cleaning towels and disinfectants to help promote cleanliness among your employees.

These quality cleaning and restroom products from Seton are perfect for both home and office use.

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