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Floor Safety Cones & Accessories

Keep your employees informed of specific hazards in your facility

The best way to get the attention of your workers is by using eye catching safety cones from Seton Canada. Our indoor traffic cones are the perfect tools for keeping your workers safe and maintaining a well-oiled workforce. These traffic cones use safety cone signs to warn people about the presence of specific hazards and the necessary precautions they need to take. Durable and highly visible, these traffic cones can help prevent the most common causes of work related accidents such as slips, falls, trips and much more. If you want to provide on the spot warnings to your workers and alert them about possible hazards in your facility, then you should use Seton Canada’s floor safety cones.


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10 Products

Set Descending Direction

Safety cones help prevent accidents

Indoor traffic cones do more than warn workers of slippery and wet floors. There are cones printed with various safety messages designed to alert your employees about other serious hazards in your facility such as toxic substances, flammable material and other possible health risks that you might encounter during work. Use these cones in conjunction with safety cone signs to further enhance your facility’s safety management program.

Choose from various traffic cones

To provide your facility with the best accident prevention system, we carry a wide selection of safety cones for you to choose from. Some of our products include traffic control cones, traffic cone accessories, traffic cone signs, bilingual tensa cone, coloured cones, pre-printed traffic cones and much more. These cones are constructed from materials such as PVC, polyethylene and crack-resistant moulded plastic to ensure durability and superior performance. They’re ideal for post safety messages and to regulate foot traffic as well. These versatile safety cones can be used both indoors and out.

Enhance your traffic cones with accessories
Get the most out of your cones by using Seton Canada’s traffic cone accessories and safety cone signs. These products allow you to fully highlight your specific safety messages. With these accessories, you can be sure that your warnings are being noticed.