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Janitorial Accessories help maintain a clean facility

Seton's line of quality Janitorial Accessories is the perfect tool for all your cleaning and maintenance needs. Our cleaning supplies accessories like broom and mop handles, sprayer bottles, extension arms with claws, squeegees & water wand handles, lint rollers and extension poles help you get the job done.

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Keeping your facility and its surroundings clean and tidy is easier with the help of Seton’s janitorial supplies and accessories.

We carry a wide range of cleaning tools that allow maintenance personnel to clean your facility quicker and with less effort. Our cleaning products and cleaning accessories are perfect for removing any mess faster. Products that make janitorial tasks easier include pick up tools that make litter scooping and the picking up of trash more convenient. These innovative products eliminate the person's need to bend down to do these duties properly.

When it comes to cleaning tools, let Seton be your partner in maintaining a clean and healthy facility.