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Dusters & Dust Mops

Specialized dust mops quickly remove dust from hard to reach areas

Keep your home and facility free from dirt and dust with Seton Canada’s line of specialized dusters. Our dust mops are made from unique materials designed to effectively attract and hold dust while keeping most surfaces scratch-free. These janitorial cleaning supplies are designed specifically for indoor use such as hallways, offices, kitchens, grocery stores, classrooms, basketball courts and most areas with hard floors. Our lambswool dusters are better at collecting and retaining dust and dirt particles than conventional brooms. Brooms just push away dust and dirt while our janitorial cleaning supplies actually collect dirt right from the surface. When it comes to keeping your facility clean and dust-free, you can always rely on Seton Canada’s dust mops to get the job done.


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3 Products

Set Descending Direction

Why use our dusters?

Seton Canada’s dusters are made from advanced materials designed to attract and hold dust better than other dust mops in the market. Our janitorial cleaning supplies are designed to effectively remove most or all traces of dust and dirt while protecting your floors and furniture from scratches and streaking. These janitorial cleaning supplies save you the time and effort of lifting heavy furniture because they’re designed to pick up dust and dirt from nooks and crannies.

Choose from a wide range of janitorial cleaning supplies

We carry a large selection of dusters and dust mops to meet you facility’s specific needs. Some of the products we offer include lambswool dusters, cotton dust mops, snap-on dust mop rigid frames and more. They are available in different sizes and materials. Most of them are reusable; all you need to do is shake, vacuum, brush or wash them.

Trust on Seton Canada
Seton Canada understands how tedious it is to clean dust and dirt off different areas in your facility, which is why we manufacture a variety of janitorial cleaning supplies to give you dust mops with superior cleaning performance. Make cleaning quick and easy with Seton Canada’s dusters.