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Trash Cans

Keep waste under control

Having Trash Cans in any facility reminds workers of the need for proper disposal of waste and garbage. Our line of quality trash containers such as Stone Finish Receptacles, Outdoor Rubbish Baskets, Steel Street Rubbish Baskets, Waste Containers and Plaza Containers add style and keep outdoor areas clean. Rubbermaid Trash Receptacles, Push-Door Waste and Sort Containers provide an aesthetic feel to indoor areas.


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Keep your facility's surroundings garbage-free with Seton’s quality line of outdoor trash cans and waste containers.

From industrial factories to office buildings, these trash receptacles are the perfect containers for different types of garbage. Waste material types that include paper, plastic and most solid waste products can be easily contained by our trash bins. These trash cans are made only from the finest materials and constructed in a design that prevents foul odours and harmful waste products from leaking out. Also available are pet waste stations that help remind pet owners to keep pet litter contained and surroundings free from unsightly pet waste.

To help keep waste and garbage properly contained, choose only the best waste receptacles and trash cans you can find - only here at Seton!