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Warehouse, Shipping & Maintenance

Keep your warehouse safe, productive and organized

Warehouse, shipping and maintenance supplies help keep facilities organized and well-preserved. Warehouse equipment such as shelf bins and lockers protect items, while material handling products like loaders and carts assist with transportation. Maintain cleanliness with our maintenance & supplies and janitorial & sanitation wares. Make sure your facility is safe and organized with Seton’s line of warehouse supplies.


Warehouse, shipping and maintenance products from Seton are important for all types of things within your warehouse, office or facility. Spill control products aid in the cleanup of chemicals, liquids, etc. Maintenance supplies, including mops, buckets, cleaners and more will help you to keep floors and other areas clean and danger-free. When you need to move bulky or weighty items, it pays to purchase a good set of material handling equipment. These include workbenches, ladders, portable steps, pallet trucks, beams, booms and additional accessories. Lastly, don’t forget to invest in a selection of equipment to keep your grounds tidy. These include bins, cans, ashtrays, and other products for garbage and small debris.

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