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Traffic Signs

Alert drivers of road hazards while directing traffic flow

Indicate upcoming traffic lights or warn drivers of railroad crossings. Seton's line of traffic signs indicate road hazards and give directions to drivers. Our traffic signs are bold, bright and eye-catching, helping you prevent accidents on your roadways. We have a huge selection to choose from for virtually any traffic sign need.


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Help keep traffic flow organized and people safe with traffic signs.

Traffic Signs direct pedestrian and vehicle activity to where they should go and what should be done for safety. Select the best sign options for your specific need from among the many sign variants available at Seton.

These durable signs are available in a variety of materials, such as rust-proof aluminum and polyethylene. Comes in standard graphics and designs that can be used for your many traffic control requirements, like controlling speed limits and reminding people to wear seat belts for safety.

Make sure that traffic flow is properly regulated and people are kept safe with the right traffic signs from Seton.