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Speed Limit Signs

Make motorists aware of safe speeds in parking lots and roadways

Bring safety to parking lots and roadways with Speed Limit Signs. We have an assortment of speed limit signs that indicate safe speeds and when those safe speed zones start and end. Our bold, eye-catching signs are sure to attract the attention of drivers and prevent accidents and speeding.


Increase road safety by notifying motorists in the area of the maximum driving speed limit.

Speed limit signs inform drivers of how fast they can go within your facility grounds or on the roads near your establishment. Seton offers you a variety of signage solutions that help you keep vehicles running at safer speeds. Made with durable, rustproof aluminum, these regulatory signs come with printed text and numbers designed for quick, easy reading. You can also choose to use an engineer-grade reflective material to make your sign visible from up to 500 ft away.

Need to keep driving speeds in check?  Achieve this goal with the help of speed limit signs from Seton!