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Guide Posts & Signs

Control the flow of traffic in hazardous areas

Seton offers an extensive line of Guide Posts and Signs in a variety of colors and styles for every directional need. Our Flexible Guide Posts and Flexible Glo Posts bounce back after impact and reduce replacement costs. Traditional Guide Posts and Signs, Delineators and Delineator Spot Reflectors provide barriers for traffic flow and guide vehicles through hazardous areas.


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After choosing the right traffic and parking signs for your facility, be sure to include guide posts and signs for directional guiding purposes in your selection.

Motorists need to know where to go when in congested or high-traffic areas. These heavy-duty and economical guide posts and delineators help drivers find their way without much trouble.These flexible and tubular guide posts are highly visible, making them easy to see on roads and parking lots. These are also great for using as mounting posts for signs.

Guide posts spring back when impacted so you don't have to repair and replace them when these are accidentally knocked over by vehicles, making them very economical to use. Flexible Dual Hazard Markers are also good alternatives to guide posts and help show motorists what direction they should take on the road they are on.