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Paddles & Vests

Keep crosswalk workers highly visible

Paddles and Vests are important safety measures for those who direct traffic. Paddles are available with various wordings and designs while our Vests come in a variety styles and are suitable for various work environments. Most of our Vests are ANSI compliant.

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A traffic controller's job can be dangerous. They usually have to stand at busy intersections and streets to help manage pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Keep your traffic controllers safe by requiring them to wear reflective safety vests so drivers can easily see them wherever they are.

A traffic controller also carries a high amount of responsibility on their shoulders. The safety of pedestrians crossing on roads they are assigned to manage is one of their responsibilities. This is where hand-held traffic signaling devices like sign paddles and warning flags are useful. Provide your crosswalk personnel with these safety tools so they can easily inform drivers to stop or slow down to give way to crossing pedestrians.

Increasing pedestrian and traffic controller safety is easy - with these quality products from Seton!

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