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Speed Bumps & Humps

Improve safety by decreasing traffic speed

Using our Speed Bumps and Humps is an easier way to prevent over speeding. Our Speed Humps are lower and wider compared to standard Speed Bumps and produce minimal shock to vehicles. Choose from our line of speed bump products such as Recycled Plastic Speed Bumps, Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps, temporary Roll-Up Speed Bumps and Deluxe Plastic Speed Bumps.


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Slow down vehicles to safer speeds using speed bumps and humps from Seton. Aside from the traditional speed bumps, we also carry wheel chocks and protective bumper guards. Speed bumps and humps are manufactured using impact-resistant plastic or rubber so it does not damage tires or bumpers when accidentally hit. These are all available in bright yellow colours or a combination of black and yellow stripes so they easily stand out against the ground.