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Indoor Stanchions

Manage indoor crowd and limit access to certain areas

Crowd control stanchions help direct lines and indoor pedestrians to designated spaces. You may also temporarily block off restricted areas with these barriers; just set it up and move it with ease. For heavily trafficked places inside the building that need clearing off periodically, such as sections of lobbies and corridors, these linked posts are what you need.

Here at Seton Canada, you can choose between heavy-duty posts and chains, guideline stanchions and heavy-duty stanchions. Our Indoor Stanchions have sturdy posts, connected together by tough chains, belts or ropes to expand barriers and help keep guests in line. We also have retractable tape barriers that slowly and safely retract to prevent hazardous snap-backs.


38 Products

Set Descending Direction

38 Products

Set Descending Direction

Managing guests and staff traffic indoors is a breeze with stanchions and crowd control barriers from Seton Canada. We can provide your office building, hospital, manufacturing plant, warehouse or school with a comprehensive line of durable barriers that are easy to install, move and store.

Rope and chain posts

You can choose between ropes and chains linking stanchion posts together. Rope links give your barrier better visibility and have snap ends for easy attachment. Plastic chains, on the other hand, are virtually maintenance-free, lightweight and weather-proof.

Wall-mount retractable belts

Perfect for hallways, aisles and corridors that need temporary closing from time to time, these tapes retract and fit inside storage units without difficulty. They were designed to adapt to Beltrac® posts and other standard posts and wall receptacles.

Barrier Accessories
Our crowd control barriers are not one-trick ponies. With stanchion guideline accessories like sign adapters, you can attach any message atop the post while blocking off certain spaces or directing guests to a desired area. These may help in drawing more attention to your stanchions, as well. S-hooks are also available for convenient mounting.

Take your time to browse through our wide selection of indoor stanchions and crowd control barriers to see what suits your needs best.