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Traffic and Parking Signs

Promote driver and pedestrian safety on the road

Inform motorists and pedestrians about the importance of road safety with traffic and parking control devices. Traffic and parking signs, along with cones and barricades, can effectively control traffic on the open road and in parking lots to help reduce the risk of traffic related accidents. Pedestrian and crosswalk safety devices, such as stanchions, are also available.


Traffic and parking control devices from Seton cover all your needs regarding roads both inside and outside your facility. They help promote safety in different ways, from cones that warn drivers about hazards they might encounter on the road to parking lot supplies, which ensure that drivers park in the right area.

These traffic safety supplies don't just pertain to controlling the movement of vehicles. Seton's product line also includes traffic cones and accessories specifically designed to manage pedestrian areas and foot traffic, such as barricades and stanchions.

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