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Underground Utility Marking Tape

For underground electrical circuits and pipe markings

Underground Utility Marking Tapes can come in non-detectable polyethylene or metallic designs which are easily detected by metal-detectors. These underground warning tapes comes in rolls and are used for underground markings on buried electrical circuits, pipelines, and valves and meet APWA standards for underground utility.


Underground Utility Marking Tape

Prevent accidental damage to your pipe lines with underground utility marking tapes.

Many construction, repair, and maintenance jobs involve digging and workers must be made aware of the buried gas lines, sewer lines, and electrical lines below the surface. Detectable marking tapes will enable workers to map out where these lines are located so they can avoid hitting them. Warn workers of extremely dangerous high voltage lines and gas lines with our underground warning tapes that carry CAUTION and DANGER headers with a variety of safety wordings.

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