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For all your packing, marking, and access control needs

Tapes are essential in any facility or warehouse. Install highly visible marking tape and flags to direct foot traffic, prevent unauthorized entry with barricade tapes, secure your shipping container with shipping and packing tape, and label areas with underground utility marking tapes. Customizable tapes printed with your specific messages are available.


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Prevent workplace accidents, unauthorized entry, and damage to items and packages you are shipping with the help of Seton's high quality tapes.

Different tapes are made for a variety of uses. Barricade tapes are used to isolate hazardous sites; marking tapes and flags are for marking off areas in your facility; shipping and packing tapes help secure your shipping containers.

Seton also carries special industrial tapes, like underground utility marking tapes, that identify buried pipes and electrical lines. These tapes are essential for industrial and commercial safety applications, helping maintenance crews and repairmen avoid these lines, pipes and cables.

For your many tape needs, get all the tapes you’ll ever require from Seton - the trusted name in industrial supplies.

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