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Injury Prevention Signs

Keep occupational injuries at bay

Workplace productivity sometimes has its price, but health and safety should never be it. That is why safety precautions ought to be top priority in any facility, aided by proper training, regular property maintenance and injury prevention signs.

Caution, danger, notice and safety first signs warn employees and visitors of potential hazards in the workplace. And to make sure you get industry standard and compliant signs, look nowhere else than Seton Canada. As a trusted leader in safety signs, labels and devices, we provide businesses across fields with an extensive collection of products that help employees and guests identify what dangers to look out for and how to prevent them.


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Caution signs

Keep everyone informed and reminded of the potential hazards in the facility. Bold and eye-catching signs that caution workers to hot surfaces, hearing protection requirement, forklift traffic, pedestrian crossing, overhead clearance, or tripping hazards aid proper observance of necessary precautions to avoid unwelcome workplace incidents.

Danger signs

Lower the chances of fatal accidents that may occur in your facility by alerting your employees to the risks that come with their job. Warn them of human safety threats present, such as caught-in hazards, high-voltage areas, and heavy machinery like cranes and fork trucks. With perfect red, black and white colour contrast, your signs are guaranteed to get their message across.

Notice signs
Remind employees of health and safety policies within your facility. Encourage them to wear personal protective equipment like safety glasses, keep stack aisles clear of obstruction, perform safety check on forklifts before operation, and even to clean up after themselves.

Workplace injuries are fairly common especially when no steps are taken to prevent them. Investing in safety signs goes a long way towards keeping your employees healthy and your business productive. Get workplace safety signs only from Seton Canada, and keep workers aware of the dangers and hazards in the workplace.