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Use guide post to minimize road accidents that can result in serious injuries

Enhance your parking lots and make them safer for drivers by installing guide posts from Seton Canada. Road accidents occur regularly, and some of them can lead to serious injuries and severe damage to property. Flexible guide posts are the perfect solution because they’re designed to withstand impacts without taking serious damage. Well-placed tubular guide posts can stop vehicles from running of the road and save the lives of the people inside the vehicle. Our versatile guide posts can be installed almost anywhere such as parking lots, along intersections, winding curves and accident prone roadways. These posts can help drivers identify danger spots on the road and avoid life threatening accidents.


18 Products

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18 Products

Set Descending Direction

Why use tubular posts?

The main function of guide posts is to stop vehicles from running off the road. Statistics show that roadways marked with tubular posts have a lower fatality rate than those without. Our flexible guide posts are designed to withstand impacts from incoming vehicles without causing too much damage to the vehicle itself.

Get them from Seton

What makes our posts different from others? Our flexible guide posts were designed to withstand impacts from incoming vehicles without causing too much damage to the vehicle itself. This saves you the trouble of buying new posts every time a vehicular accident occurs. Our posts are available in various types depending on your needs. Some of our most popular products include: flexible dual hazard markers, flexible post and handicapped signs, high performance delineators, fire hydrant markers, flexible delineator posts, heavy duty flexible guide posts, tubular posts and more. Our posts are made from durable weather-resistant polycarbonate and can come with or without a mounting base. Some of our tubular posts also come with reflective bands allowing drivers to see them even in low light conditions.

Focus on safety
Seton Canada is focused on promoting proper road safety with durable guide posts designed to keep motorists out of danger. When it comes to world class road safety, Seton Canada is the name you can trust.