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Inspection Signs

Keep your facility safe and secure with inspection signs

Maintain a high level of security in your facility with Seton Canada’s inspection signs. These security signs clearly state that any person or vehicle entering or exiting your facility needs to be checked by company guards. Checkpoint signs prevent the unauthorized entry or exit of people and items to and from your facility. This helps reduce the risk of unwanted incidents from intruders and unidentified visitors. We know that your facility deserves the best security system in the market today, which is why Seton Canada offers a wide variety of security signs to meet the specific needs of your company.


30 Products

Set Descending Direction

30 Products

Set Descending Direction

Versatile security signs

Seton Canada’s checkpoint signs are designed for a number of applications, most specifically for shipping and receiving. However, they can also be used for other private companies, residential subdivisions, schools, hospitals, specific public utilities and much more.

Danger signs

Choose from our wide selection of checkpoint signs Seton Canada carries an assortment of inspection signs for you to choose from. Our signs are made from durable materials such as aluminum, steel and polyethylene. They come in various sizes, feature specific messages and graphics and are available in different colours. Some of our inspection signs come with reflective options that make them visible even during the night. Here are some of our most popular signs: reflective traffic signs, giant security signs, shipping and receiving signs, traffic and parking signs and more.

Get your inspection signs only from Seton Canada
We understand your need to keep your facility safe. Seton Canada can help you effectively regulate the elements moving in and out of your facility with our durable security signs. Our checkpoint signs are the perfect solution for keeping the flow of goods and personnel to and from your facility in check. Make it your goal to protect your people and property with Seton Canada’s inspection signs.