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Emergency Exit & Path Signs

Guide your employees to safety with emergency exit signs

Learn how you can save the lives of your employees during an emergency with Seton Canada’s emergency exit signs. Exit and evacuation signs are important tools designed to guide people to the location of the nearest exit. Most buildings are required to have emergency exit signs installed. These important path signs help prevent confusion during an emergency which can also help reduce the risk of injuries and accidents. Having the proper evacuation signs also helps your company comply with various safety codes in your region. Most emergency path signs have the traditional EXIT word while others also use pictograms and arrows to show the location of the exit routes.


32 Products

Set Descending Direction

32 Products

Set Descending Direction

Where to use evacuation signs

Seton Canada’s emergency exit signs can be installed in any facility including schools, office building, medical facilities, subways and more. Specific path signs for stairs, corridors, and fire doors are also available with required wording that depends on the location of the exit.

Types of emergency exit signs

Seton Canada carries a wide selection of exit and evacuation signs depending on the needs of your company. We have standard path signs for well lit areas, and fluorescent, reflective, and luminous directional signs for darker or low visibility areas. Some of our most popular products include emergency corridor signs, eco-friendly emergency exit signs, emergency evacuation route signs, double-sided drop ceiling signs and more. Our emergency path signs are available in different materials. You can choose from self-adhesive vinyl, high-performance plastic, aluminum, steel, polyethylene and even recycled materials.

Get it customized
If you can’t find the emergency exit signs you want, you have the option of creating your very own customized path signs. Seton Canada uses an online tool that helps you create an emergency evacuation sign using your specified size, material, colour and wording. Don’t compromise the safety of your employees; make sure that you’re always prepared to handle emergencies with our emergency evacuation signs.