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Jumbo Safety Signs

Oversize your security and safety signs for maximum visibility

In sites for mining and construction where workers deal with reduced visibility or are in wide open grounds, displaying messages on jumbo safety signs is vital. Their readability in environments with such conditions is more reliable than the average-sized ones, aiding the implementation of safety and security measures in the workplace better. Oversized heavy equipment and vehicles, such as excavators, dump trucks, and cranes, are also ubiquitous in these sites, making signs in large format more logical to have.

From restricted area reminders and first aid labels, to explosion hazard and heavy equipment warning signs, make sure to provide your site the CCOHS-compliant jumbo signs it needs, only from Seton Canada’s comprehensive and reliable collection.


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It is never easy on the eyes to look at signs with too many words for its size. Workers and visitors will find it hard to read at first glance, causing them to ignore the message or not read it at all. In vast working areas, moreover, like a construction or mining site, employees are either scattered around or stationed in different places far from posted signs. These are some of the many reasons Jumbo Safety Signs are important in a fast-paced and massive workplaces. On-ground personnel and vehicle operators could easily be reminded of appropriate procedures with large-scale conspicuous safety signs, resulting in standard and proper observance of safety and security measures.

Seton Canada's wide array of giant message signs gives you options of “Danger,” “Notice,” “Warning” and “Caution” signs appropriate for the security and safety requirement of a specific work area. We offer electrical signs, emergency and evacuation signs, hazardous work zone signs, protective wear signs, authorized personnel only signs, and more.

Aside from promoting security in your premises with these jumbo signs, we also recommend our first aid signs. These signs are critical especially in emergency situations where immediate actions need to be taken. Direct workers to where emergency first aid kits are located. Mark emergency eye wash stations clearly with jumbo signs to prevent permanent eye injuries. Seton Canada offers bold and eye-catching jumbo signs for every facility's safety needs.