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Bilingual/Universal Signs

Show information in languages relevant to your personnel

Workers in your facility can come from any culture or walk of life, which makes incorporating Bilingual and Universal Signs necessary in offices and other work areas. Bilingual signs improve efficiency, promote cultural sensitivity, and ensure your operation’s compliance with state, federal and other labor laws and regulations. Seton Canada’s wide selection of Bilingual and Universal Signs includes signs that display in English, Spanish, and French to cover the most prominent lingual groups.

Choose the right sign for your facility’s needs, or customize a sign to identify specific hazards, safety policies, or other protocols that need to be followed. Signs need to be read and with Seton Canada's Bilingual Signs, your employees will surely be informed.


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Set Descending Direction

19 Products

Set Descending Direction

Bilingual Safety Signs And The Vernacular

Nations are no longer places with just a single culture and language. In the growing global industrial workplace and international market, your workers, visitors, and neighbors are more and more likely to come from a culture that may have difficulty speaking or reading your language. That is the double-edged sword of globalization. Diversity carries with it great benefits for the modern workplace, but also requires special measures to accomodate while maintaining productivity and friendliness to all comers. That’s why having Bilingual or Universal Signs in your facility is so important. Safety signs must convey important information, such as the need for Foot Protection, or No Smoking rules and regulations.

The Right Language For The Right Sign

At Seton Canada we carry a wide selection of signs designed to enhance your workplace’s safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance, but sometimes you just need a custom tailored option to suit the diversity of your many workers and their many walks of life. We carry those too, such as for Bilingual Danger Signs, which help you customize your own message in two different languages. Bilingual Signs from Seton Canada are what you need to suit your multicultural, multilingual facility’s needs.