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No Smoking Signs

Deter people from smoking in the facility

Smoking is a habit which endangers not only smokers but non-cigarette users and establishments as well. If your facility deals with flammable materials or chemicals that should not be near any flames, No Smoking Signs are a must. Whether smoking is totally prohibited in your work grounds or can only be done in designated areas, Seton Canada has the appropriate no smoking sign for you.

To indicate specific materials (like propane) that should not be near lighted cigarettes or open flames, use our Danger No Smoking Sign. We also offer Eco-Friendly Signs made of recycled plastic. These signs contain the danger header and smoking prohibition wording.

Ensure safety with Seton Canada's No Smoking Signs.


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Prevent people from smoking in and around your facility with Seton Canada's No Smoking Signs. Keep a healthy, smoke-free environment for your employees and guests with efficient anti-smoking policies. Our highly-visible and graphic signs are effective reminders for your company rules.

Whether you have a strict or lenient smoking policy in your workplace, you can find the appropriate sign here at Seton. Use our eco-friendly signs to indicate that all tobacco products are prohibited in your facility. We also offer various signs that identify smoking areas in your building.

Display our Bilingual No Smoking Signs to target specific visitors and employees. The wording is in French, but the sign also features the no smoking symbol that is universally understood. The signs measure 7"W x 10"H and two material options: self-adhesive vinyl or polished plastic.

Combine your no smoking and anti-littering policies with our Do Not Litter Sign. This attention-grabbing sign specifically targets smokers and reminds them to throw their butts in the trash bin. These signs come with pre-drilled holes for convenient installation. You can choose from three offered sizes.

Ensure a safe and healthy facility with Seton's No Smoking Signs.

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