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Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Signs are part of the Canadian government’s national hazard communication standard. These signs help make your employees aware of substances inside containers so they can take the appropriate precautions in handling and transporting them. Using WHMIS Signs also helps your company stay away from costly sanctions and lawsuits grounded on breaches of national safety regulations.


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Employees who are tasked to work with hazardous materials must always be informed of the dangers of their job.

Keep them notified of these hazards with WHMIS signs. Seton offers you WHMIS signs for such needs like our NFPA Placard Kits. These come with self-sticking vinyl sign panels that display the appropriate safety symbols for substances such as acid, alkaline, corrosive and other materials. Your employees should be able to do their jobs with the proper knowledge of the potential risks involved.

Provide your  workers with the right safety WHMIS signs - only from Seton!