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Contain the danger of chemical and waste spills

Any facility working with chemicals or other potentially hazardous liquid substances, including catalysts, wastes, fuel or other agents, should be prepared to deal with spills using any available means at their disposal. The first part of a comprehensive spill containment safety and hygiene regimen is the spill tray. Also known as the spill containment tray, leak tray, utility tray, and leak basins. Spill trays are the front line in the defence against wayward chemical and waste spillage, and can make prevention of accidents, as well as the cleanup afterward, easy, convenient, and safe. Choose from Seton Canada’s wide selection for all your spill containment needs.


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Spill trays and your chemical regimen

If you're working in a modern industrial facility, building, work site or other major activity center, chances are that you will work with, encounter, store or use some form of stored chemical in the course of regular duty. Vehicle maintenance might require oil and fuel, while cleaning and sanitation services might call for solvents and cleansing agents. Agricultural industries might need fertilizer or pesticide, and manufacturing sites require all manner of liquids in the process of creating goods. Even jobs that don't explicitly require chemicals will likely produce chemicals in the form of waste and by-products.

Storage and spill control is essential

All of that liquid demands safe, environmentally friendly, convenient and legally compliant storage solutions, from standard drums and barrels to specialized hazardous material containment units. And there is always the risk of spillage and accidents. Minimize the risk of spillage by using Seton Canada's wide range of spill trays and other spill control products. Use Drum Basins as a protection against drum-related spill accidents, and Spill Shells to channel nuisance spills away from containers to make cleanup easy.

Select Seton Canada to contain your spills and you won't be disappointed.